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Guarding against creditor harassment
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Guarding against creditor harassment

| Dec 13, 2019 | Firm News |

While there is no doubting you are in debt and owe money to creditors in New Mexico and elsewhere, what is debatable are the tactics used against you to collect on those debts. Are debt collectors keeping things above the board?

Forbes offers tips on how you can protect yourself against creditor harassment. Learn your rights and how the law allows creditors to contact you to collect on a debt.

Study the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Go ahead and look into the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. There, you can see when collectors can contact you, how they can contact you, ways you can stop collectors from reaching you and what collectors can tell you about your owed debt.

Know that you do not have to put up with scare tactics

Some collectors go to the extreme in an attempt to get you to pay, using offensive language or repeatedly calling you, for instance. Both tactics are illegal. Additionally, creditors may threaten you with a lawsuit. While that is legal, it does not make financial sense for creditors. This is because when you add up the legal and administrative fees creditors have to pay to go to court, the total is likely to be higher than what you currently owe.

Consider filing for bankruptcy

If you are in over your head with debt and tired of creditors contacting you, even through legal means, there is an option available that can get you relief across the board: bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy allows you to hit the reset button. Most importantly, when you file for bankruptcy, creditors are no longer allowed to contact you during the pending of your case. Creditors can no longer attempt to collect on any debts included in the bankruptcy discharge.

Give yourself some breathing room. Learn your rights and how to properly protect yourself against overeager creditors.